adoBPRIM: risk-aware process modelling platform


Business Process modelling is a key element in the management of organizations. Although, risk is an element that can affect business process negatively, it is still managed independently.

A necessary link is missing between business process and risk models. To better manage risk related to business process, it should be integrated and evaluated dynamically within the business process models.

Currently, there are different modelling languages allowing business process modelling. Nevertheless, there are few modelling languages allowing risk modelling and even fewer ones that integrate both concepts related to risks and business processes.

adoBPRIM: risk-aware process modelling

Based on this need and these observations, we co-developed a risk-aware business process modelling platform called adoBPRIM using the ADOxx meta-modelling platform.

adoBPRIM is platform developed in order to support the integrated modelling and analysis of business processes and risks providing therefore a common understanding of this elements in an organisatioal context.

The platform can be downloaded on the site of OMNILAB.